E-Book: Basal Body Temperature

How to use the biomarker of progesterone
for empowerment, health and awareness


Sometimes we’d like to shout “Yes, yes! A thousand times yes!”. Let’s see: do you want two weeks’ notice on your next period, even if you have irregular cycles? Do you want to see if your premenstrual hormone is in ship-shape? Do you want hard data your doctor can use? Basal body temperature is what you need! This e-book teaches you how to monitor this indicator from the comfort of your bed and according to the symptothermal method for Fertility Awareness. Are you ready to sync even deeper into your inner rhythm, protect your health, and nourish your potential through body literacy?

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This e-book has 38 pages which clearly explain, step by step, how to measure and interpret your basal body temperature according to the scientific rules of the symptothermal method for Fertility Awareness – the most advanced methodology available today. We are certified teachers and we put utmost care in explaining the method for preventative and health monitoring purposes.


  • It will let you know if you have ovulated and when you can expect your next period, even if you have irregular cycles. Ovulation is crucial for healthy menstrual cycles. However, bleeding happens anyway, so you cannot be sure just because you bleed.
  • It can offer you guidance through changing times, adolescence and perimenopause, where irregular ovulation and other changes are normal, but if they happen outside of your radar may cause confusion and stress.
  • It can give you interesting insights on how much your lifestyle impacts on your body.
  • Basal body temperature can also shed a light on your progesterone levels and problems related to the lack of progesterone, or the untimely death of its “mother” gland. Common signs are migraines, miscarriages, infertility, premenstrual stress, painful breasts, etc.
  • It could also reveal if your thyroid hormones are under-performing and might explain why you have symptoms of hypothyroidism even if your blood test is “normal”. You see, to have enough hormones circulating is good, but what’s even more crucial is if they can get into the cells. Your temperature expresses how well thyroid hormones are being used.
  • It can improve patient-doctor communication in case of dis-ease.
  • You can control the app, if you use one, instead of being directed by a machine.

In short, basal body temperature is a key biomarker – an indicator of life and health.

This step-by-step guide is suitable to total beginners as well as to people who have been taking basal body temperature in the past but want to improve their technique or increase the range of applications.

If you also purchase the e-book on Cervical Mucus, you can understand your estrogen and progesterone cycles. The two e-books combined can teach you how to recognize the four phases of your menstrual cycle, tune into your unique rhythm and help you navigate the ups and downs of life.


* The content of this e-book is strictly educational. It does not constitute or substitute professional diagnosis and treatment.

**This e-book does not teach you how to use your basal body temperature for contraception. If you are interested in using the symptothermal method (mucus + temperature in double check) for natural contraception, our certified Sensiplan® training may be exactly what you need.

** If you are past menopause or are on hormonal contraception (e.g. the pill), you cannot monitor basal body temperature, because you do not have a menstrual cycle.  If this information leaves you perplexed, contact us. We are here for you.


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