E-Book: Cervical Mucus

How to use the biomarker of estrogen
for empowerment, awareness and health


Cervical mucus is relevant not only for health or pregnancy – for your professional life too. Surprise!  Cervical mucus shows your peak fertility window, which modulate your body and mind in juicy and vigorous ways. Plus, it is easy to observe, that is, if you take me home with you. I am an e-book with a grand vision: teach you how to observe and understand your cervical mucus so you can synch into your inner time, protect your health and nourish your potential. What do you say? Shall we, darling?

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In 28 pages I explain the role, meanings and changes of cervical mucus and I give you the foundations you need to monitor it as an indicator of your estradiol (estrogen) levels. You will just need your sight and/or touch. The technique is based on the symptothermal method for Fertility Awareness – the best scientific methodology available today. My creatrix Anna is a certified teacher, and she put utmost care in explaining the method for preventative and health monitoring purposes.


Cervical mucus is the key indicator to get pregnant – more reliable, cheaper and greener than ovulation sticks – not to mention apps! It clearly shows us when we are at peak fertility. But that’s just one side of it.

I want you to recognize peak fertility regardless of babies or sexual preferences because:

  • Peak fertility is the optimal time for public speaking, job interviews, presenting your ideas, advancing requests and forging alliances, to name a few.
  • Charting cervical mucus will alert you of infections, perhaps even suspicious estrogen levels and distribution, or correlations between your estrogen waves and recurring dis-ease.
  • Charting means you can notice meaningful patterns and bring insightful data to the doctor.
  • You can control the app, if you use one, instead of being directed by a machine.

Are you a total beginner or you have already some experience? No problem, I am suitable for rookies and for pros. I am rich with illustrations and pictures, online videos, tables, clear instructions, and the chart for your journey.

When you combine me with my sister, the e-book on Basal Body Temperature, you can chart your estrogen and progesterone cycles. When combined, we can teach you how to recognize the four phases of your menstrual cycle and shed insightful light on your inner rhythm, health and balance.


* The information provided does not constitute or substitute professional diagnosis and treatment. Its purpose is strictly educational.

** This e-book does not teach you how to use cervical mucus for contraception. If you are interested in using the symptothermal method (mucus + temperature in double check) for natural contraception, our certified Sensiplan® training may be exactly what you need.

*** If you are past menopause or on hormonal contraception (e.g. the pill), you cannot monitor cervical mucus because you have no menstrual cycle. If this news shocks you, give us a call. We are here for you!


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