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You want to dance the ups and downs of life, create soulful sustainable business, overcome bias, reconnect to nature and the body-mind?

We can help.

Welcome to Studio Medulla.

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Who we are

We are a consulting company with innovative intelligence on energy, cyclical living, circular design and regenerative practices, with strategic applications for health and business.

Our mission is to empower people with radical solutions that are thriving, ecological and regenerative by design, to heal the frictions and fractures caused by Anthropocene.

Our approach is unique and comes from the comparative research into cyclical phenomena across disciplines initiated by our founder Anna Buzzoni. We use our research to transfer knowledge and create intuitive solutions which are relevant across gender, sex, age and culture.

Our Services

We offer solutions for people, economies, societies and life-styles that are regenerative and thriving by design.

Female Cycles

We help women with and without the menstrual cycle to re-design reality and have one hell of a ride.


Regenerative solutions based on circular design for business, non-profits and schools.


We bring the wisdom of cycles to schools.

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We organise or participate in events, workshops and webinars on circular design, wellbeing and the menstrual cycle.

Events in English will be published here as soon as the Covid-19 pandemic ends.

See you soon and stay safe!

“I find Anna’s preparation to be the best ever in terms of communication. She may not be a doctor, as she always points out, but she is a curator and a knowledgeable woman to whom I can only say THANK YOU.”

– Vera Chiavetta –

“An old university professor used to tell us to be wary of those who can’t explain, because it means they don’t know. Anna knows her stuff. I immediately found significant benefits: the feeling is that of climbing, when you’re on top, but safe and anchored.”

– Guendalina M., Manager, Ferrara –

“Anna has developed a personalized journey based on my individual needs and has sharpened my powers of observation and my awareness. She has the talent of translating scientific evidence in actionable advice – and she does so with accuracy, enthusiasm and a sense of humor! Above all, my coaching with Anna has given me the tools to identify and track a specific issue and to take the next step into tackling it.”

– Felicia G., freelance, Berlin –

“After a traumatic start of my menstrual cycle when I was 9 years old, I soon learned, thanks also to my mother, to perceive it as a blessing for body and soul. I decided to participate in Medulla’s seminar out of curiosity and a desire to go deeper. Medulla gave me knowledge that greatly expanded my way of living the cycle. I fully understood the power of each phase of the cycle and above all to use them, because using them opens the doors to a more tangible well-being, more conscious and to be explored at each cycle. A real biological magic!
For example, at work, I chose to use the energy of ovulation to request a part time that my boss had refused me for two years.
It was effective to choose and program the moment of the request to coincide with ovulation, because you can be more extrovert and communicative, you relate with pleasure and momentum and with this spirit I was able to give a different and persuasive interview. After a few hours of reflection, my boss granted me the part time!”

– Katia D., employee, Ferrara –

“Clear, engaging, beautiful, warm, maternal, professional.”

– Benedetta D., Medical Doctor, Venice –

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