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Goodbye apps and plastic sticks,
welcome science of Fertility Awareness

How do I recognize ovulation? How long does it take to conceive? How can we optimize chances for conception through smart time-management and lifestyle? How normal are miscarriages and what do they mean? Do I really need single-use plastic sticks to recognize ovulation? Can app be trusted?

Do you ask yourself these questions? We can help!

This online consultation with Anna consists of a first session of two hours plus two follow-up sessions of 30 minutes each (total 3 hours of 1:1 coaching), written instructions and the analysis of your charts (please send them via email at least two working days before our session and write them so we can read and understand them).


  • One initial session of two hours where Anna teaches you how to recognize peak fertility days as well as the ABC of how fertility works.
  • E-guides with charts and charting instructions (mucus, temperature, and cervix).
  • One follow-up of 30 minutes after one month preceded by the analysis of your charts, where Anna teaches you how to recognize pregnancy.
  • One follow-up of 30 minutes after one more month preceded by the analysis of your charts, where Anna teaches you how to calculate the birth date based on the actual day of ovulation (more accurate than the conventional method used by ob-gyn, especially when your cycle is longer or shorter than 28 days).
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This package costs €350 + VAT in one solution or three payments of €147 + VAT each. Once you purchase the course, all installments are due. 

You can check the technical equipment you need and how to change the date of appointments in our Q&A page.

Please note that it may be possible to hold sessions outside (Berlin) office hours, but extra charges will apply. Every session held outside office hours will cost €120 + VAT extra (for two hours) or €50 + VAT extra (for 30 minutes).


  • Nobody ever told you how to recognize when you are fertile.
  • You were told you should use the temperature to find out when you are fertile. Spoiler: you should not.
  • You have problems understanding or observing your cervical mucus, temperature or cervix.
  • You want to optimize your timing and achieve a pregnancy.


  • You have some type of menstrual problem or fertility challenge. For you we designed “Help me restore my wellbeing”.
  • You want full Body Literacy and Fertility Awareness Training. Sensiplan® may be exactly what you need.

Still unsure what is right for you?
Book an hour of consulting online.

The hour costs 90€ + VAT and is useful to answer burning questions and learn things. It does not include any tailored research or supporting material. Topics may include fertility, unexplained infertility, menstrual apps, birth control, menstrual products, energy management, menstrual health, sleep health, stress management, nutrition.

This type of consultation is available online or via phone 9AM-5PM Monday to Friday.

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