Who we are

We are a consulting company providing unconventional intelligence based on life sciences. Our areas of expertise are cycles, cyclicity and regenerative design for human ecosystems.

Studio Medulla researches and applies innovative knowledge transfer, grounded in our original study of the competencies of cycles across disciplines.

We love translating meaningful complexity into actionable advice across gender, age and culture.

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From Latin ->

What lies inside, the pulsating core. By extension, the raw source of energy that lies in darkness. Medulla is our memory of how Life thrives.

Medulla’s recipe is based on:

Body Literacy

Mind Literacy

Cycle Literacy

Body literacy

Education on physiology and what can influence it. Regular embodiment practice. Being able to derive meaning and take appropriate action based on the signs, signals and symptoms of the body. Grounded spirituality. The soil of personal growth.

Specific to the menstrual cycle, we can offer certified Sensiplan® training, the most advanced methodology for fertility awareness, based on German science.

Mind literacy

Exploring the brain, the mind and consciousness. The practice of their cyclical circuits as compass, meaning and order. Relevant insights on mental processes, soft skills, emotions, intuitive thinking, critical thinking, creative thinking etc. The practice of being mindful. The exploration of mind and consciousness at human collective level, in plants and other animals.

Cycle literacy

The ability to restore balance and health by using cycles and their shared pattern. The ability to recognize the tapestry of nature and practice restorative reciprocity: appreciating the gifts of life and the responsibilities that come with them (cit. R. Wall Kimmerer). An innate alert and defense mechanism against toxic germs, individuals and dead ends. A compass and metronome to:

  • Navigate through uncharted territories and surf the ups and downs of life
  • Circular economy and multidimensional prosperity
  • Regeneration and smart energy management
  • Conceive, shape and test ideas, values and projects

Medulla’s Mission-Statement

  1. We will contribute value and ethics to cycle research and integrate evidence-based knowledge with intuitive safe practice and selected ancient wisdom.
  2. We observe the code that the human body, mind and ecosystems use to thrive, to translate it into viable actions for individuals and business through cycle literacy.
  3. We provide actionable advice that is just as individualized as it is highly relevant across gender, age, and background.
  4. We fill the void in menstrual health education, and we change the narrative: the cycle is there to modulate your body-mind so you have everything you need to give birth to your creatures: babies, ideas, projects, values. It is not cause of disease but the revealing mechanism.
  5. We will never stop connecting dots in insightful ways. We disentangle the science and the rhythm to enable knowledge transfer, radical innovation and the health of ecosystems.


The sleep of reason generates monsters; and so does a sleep-deprived reason consumed by consumption.


Thriving humans in thriving ecosystems with cyclicity pulsating strong at the core of human design.


Rhythm, ethics, “as above so below”, humor, gratitude, multidimensional prosperity, Gaia.

Our founder
Anna Buzzoni

She has studied signs and solved problems since she was five. Just the fact that she is still alive is proof that Medulla works.

She survived strict professors and relaxed parents; the death of a baby shark; a Swiss macho in the Guatemalan forest; and German training in female fertility science.

The way Anna combines the scientifically backed knowledge with a poetic expression as she informs you about the body, nature and cyclical literacy is absolutely powerful.

– Turke Chini –

Why Cycles?

They are pervasive and versatile. From cells to complex organisms and ecosystems, everything thrives on circular design, cyclicity and cycles.

They are regenerative, healing, and creative. We can use their properties to restore and design healthy ecosystems, communities, processes, products and values.

According to our research, they share the same blueprint. The Cyclical Blueprint™ means simplicity in complexity and ground-breaking knowledge transfer across disciplines.

Cycles power and shape

The quality of sleep or the quality of the air we breathe can impact crime rates and health costs. These are just two examples in a billion. Cycles influence our experience of life, for example by determining:

  1. Our sense of agency and fulfilment
  2. The way we interpret the messages we receive from others
  3. Mental health, physical prowess and beauty
  4. Creative thinking
  5. Memory, analysis, focus, logic, and decision-making skills
  6. Emotional intelligence
  7. Ecological intelligence
  8. Ethical behavior and sense of humor

Cycles mirror each other. Cycles heal each other

Studio Medulla translates complexity in clear guidance and simple tools, but mother nature made it simple for us. According to our research, all cycles share a unique pattern of four sequences, or phases, and they can influence each other. This is what our founder Anna has called the Cyclical Blueprint™.

Yes, that’s right! It means that:

  • we can infer a stupendous amount of missing knowledge by transferring knowledge from many disciplines. The benefits are too many to be accounted for, but it works really well for menstrual pain and energy management strategies.
  • we can also “funnel” healing energies to a specific phase which is experiencing problems, such as chronic sleep disorders, by focusing our practice and attention on the corresponding phase of several other vital cycles such as digestion, physical movement, breathing, etc.


It’s genius, it’s innate, it’s nature. It’s within you!

Cyclicity as order and meaning of universe and life?

The Cyclical Blueprint™ is our specialty, and we apply it to daily life. However, cyclicity goes beyond the daily concerns of humans. It seems to be the tapestry of things at micro and macro levels.

Albert Einstein showed us how space and time are not linear but curved. Michael Faraday showed us that everything is made of vibrating fields. Max Planck demonstrated that where there is mass there is a clock. Nothing is linear and separated, everything is connected and vibrating with rhythm.

More recently, prominent scientist Sir Roger Penrose proposed a new model for understanding the universe. He calls it Conformal Cyclical Cosmology, and it suggests that the way the universe behaves is essentially cyclical and similar to the blueprint Studio Medulla is researching.

At cellular level, biologist and semiologist Marcello Barbieri has identified a specific sequencing patterns that also have much in common with the Cyclical Blueprint™. These patterns are to be found in “nominable entities”, which are defined by Barbieri as something that cannot be measured yet produces information and meaning. The genetic code is a nominable entity, and there are others.

If the universe works in cycles, and nature works in cycles, what does it mean for science and medicine, but also innate ideas such as archetypes, consciousness and ultimately, human culture?

Ancient cultures as well as indigenous cultures understand life in ways that seem alien to us today. However, science is now able to explain with numbers many of the beliefs that these cultures had developed over millennia of observation of nature. They already knew about the intelligence of plants, although the recent work by Prof. Dr. Stefano Mancuso on plant neurobiology is precious. Ancient European cultures understood the roles and properties of female hormones in ways our medicine is still struggling to accept, although they have been confirmed: the bias is so strong to make some scientists blind to evidence.

Our research is weaving cutting-edge science with ancient and indigenous wisdom to understand how nature decodes information to generate meaning.

We want to apply natural laws to human endeavor to restore environmental health, a sense of wonder and gratitude towards life and multidimensional prosperity.

Blood is just one fourth of the story

The stigma of menstrual blood focused all attention on it and suppressed the awareness of the cycle that changes our experience of life like the day does when it changes into night and back again.

The taboo on women’s body has severed women from a powerful source for health, self-awareness and compass for centuries. We want to change the narrative and the course of action. There is still one corset to get rid of, and that’s our mission.

Our Services

We offer solutions for people, economies, societies and life-styles that are regenerative and thriving by design.

Female Cycles

We help women with and without the menstrual cycle to re-design reality and have one hell of a ride.


Regenerative solutions based on circular design for business, non-profits and schools.

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