“Anna has the talent of translating scientific evidence in actionable advice –
and she does so with accuracy, enthusiasm and a sense of humor!”

The menstrual cycle is a vital sign and one of many cycles that you can use to bring your creatures to life, not only babies.

It is time to change the story. Interested?

Services for you

Individual consultations (online)

Individual sessions are highly tailored, with dedicated research. They include thorough analysis, educational resources, charts, tools, e-guides, and follow-up recommendations.

Medulla academy & shop (online)

Our shop offers educational tools to begin your self-paced journey right away! Medulla Academy will be launched soon, and it will offer self-study programs and live webinars.

1 hour consultation (online)
If you need quick answers, general guidance or urgent advice, you can book an hour of consulting with Anna to learn more about topics such as fertility, birth control, stress management and nutrition.
Hourly rate: 90€.


Our original research allows us to transfer knowledge and create sustainable solutions that are regenerative by design. Our approach favors embodiment, bio-individuality, responsibility, imagination, and regular practice. Our pillars are Body, Mind and Cycle Literacy. If you want an innovative way to ground your awareness, you may be in the right place.

Your Teacher

Anna can help you decode and surf your body-mind rhythm, transform symptoms into insight and care, re-imagine your lifestyle, prevent dis-ease and coach you through existing problems. She is a certified teacher of Sensiplan®, the state-of-the-art method for Fertility Awareness, and a summa cum Laude economist and sociolinguist with a passion for humanities, biology and neuroscience.
Only females are cyclical, right? Wrong!
Everything is cyclical, and our cyclicity precedes and survives the menstrual cycle;
and let’s remember:
not all women menstruate, and not all people who menstruate identify as women.

Consultations 1:1

Four highly tailored journeys to meet your needs and to provide you with insightful and transformative tools to thrive.

I want to understand and surf my cyclical energies of the day, month, year, and life stages.

My menstrual cycles are problematic, painful, or I have fertility challenges.

I want a natural, empowering, and scientific birth control method, which can also be used to monitor my health.

I need to understand my peak fertility days to optimize the timing for conception.

Client love

“Dear Anna, having had you on Happy Daily Home for a whole month has been a privilege! Your work on cycles and your Cyclical Matrix is amazing. You have made me see inside and outside myself, you have given me awareness, I follow you with interest and admiration. I recommend your work wherever there is a need for a return to the Mother, a return to Nature, a return to Life! After studying your handouts, menopause no longer frightens me, because I myself will be my own power!!! You explain clearly and get straight to the point. I am honoured to have met you!!!”

– Federica –

“Thank you Anna! It has been a fascinating and enlightening journey. I would have liked to listen to you for hours on end, I am enchanted by your way of expressing concepts. ❤️ During the live broadcasts I had moments when I felt that I was part of a “whole”, that I had even more meaning as a woman and I got the chills. I look forward to the release of your book.”

– Eleonora –

“Anna was a great revelation for me! I had long suffered from pre-menopausal disorders when I came across Medulla. Anna was able in a short time to get a clear picture of my problems, with an estimable professional approach. She identified a potential problem, and hit the nail on the head, which no doctor had been able to do in two years. For three weeks now, my life has improved more than significantly. Quick, efficient, prepared, professional and human.”

– Barbara B. (Italy) –

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