I want to surf my
female cycles

Goodbye time management,
welcome energy management!

We are made of energy. Our body and mind are influenced by energy, and our energy is influenced by our body-mind.

Our innovative approach based on the comparative study of cycles in nature and culture will give you a simple, powerful, and effective compass for personal and professional growth and grounding. Our simple recipe is based on our unique understanding and innovative applications of the thriving blueprint of four phases that guides and powers your mind, your body and the world we live in.

surf my cycle


  • Together, we will overview your objectives as well as lifestyle, work routine and history to identify potential areas of intervention.
  • We will explore the theory and practice of the shared rhythm of cycles pertaining to science and humanities.
  • You will learn how to transfer knowledge from one cycle to another and untap endless resources which can be adapted to changing circumstances.
  • We will critically look at received wisdom and culture to dispel myths and change the narrative.
  • Finally, we will redesign your space and time, disentangle your energies to help them flow, depending on your life stage, biological age, personal values and objectives.



  1. Understanding, feeling, and charting patterns of physical, intellectual, emotional, sexual and creative energies.
  2. How to develop emotional and ecological intelligence.
  3. Research-based methods to nourish creative and intuitive thinking.
  4. Generate a vision that makes you feel deeply alive.
  5. Strengthen organisation and communication skills.
  6. Time and space: how they work, how we can respond accordingly and how we can organize them.
  7. Non-dual thinking: reframing feminine and masculine energies in the context of recent and ancient history and philosophies.
  8. General maintenance, theory and practice of cycles: from science (24-hour clock, digestion, endocrine hormonal system, breath, heart, brain, sleep, plants, lunar cycle, seasons) to spirituality and humanities (tarots, zodiac, our planet Gaia, archetypes, mythology, philosophy, history, economics).
  9. (IF APPLICABLE) Charting and journaling body and mind literacy of menstrual hormones + general maintenance.
  10. How to decode the biases of linear thinking and how to integrate circular design at home and at work.
  11. How to create and regenerate a sustainable lifestyle and soulful business.
surf female cycles


  • Your body-mind will become your ally.
  • A sound understanding and embodied feeling of how energy works in your molecules, mind flow and emotional anatomy.
  • You will identify your own “breath” so you can use its distinct pattern to dose and replenish your energies over and over, and respond to changing circumstances.
  • Interpersonal relationships will become more nourishing, and you will be able to cut out “old branches”.
  • You will understand more clearly what makes you thrive and what pollutes your efforts.
  • You will be able to make educated guesses about possible future events based on the correct interpretation of the elements you have available here and now.
  • You can spot at a safe distance toxic people and situations that deprive you of energy.
  • You will develop the tools to measure and inhabit reality in a more authentic and soulful way, and make choices that support not only yourself but also nourish the environment and the community.
  • You will learn transformative tools to outgrow and heal linear thinking, a culture that has division at its inner core and that turned Anthropocene in the environmental and social challenge we face today.


“I met Anna Buzzoni through Ciclica Days and then chose to do a consultation with her. A meeting that allowed me to get to know myself better and understand how my cycle was telling me to slow down. Thanks to the material she shared with me, I was able to take forward all the things we said to each other, and I felt supported and not left alone. Valuable work and something I recommend to all women. Thank you very much.”

– Valentina D’Amico, founder of Ciclica Days –

“Medulla has taught me to recognize cycles and rhythms of my body-mind and those around me and use them in my daily life. As entrepreneur, I find it extremely useful to plan accordingly. I recommend it wholeheartedly.”

– Barbara Cilliers, photographer and entreprenuer –


This journey is online. Its duration, the content and the number of sessions will depend on your needs and objectives, upon which we will prepare a tailored proposal. The work will be a mix of exercises to be done by you based on the materials and tools carefully selected for you, and individual sessions with Anna.

The cost starts at €3000 + VAT, which is the value of circa five individual sessions with Anna (roughly 20 hours together) plus the workbooks and the background analysis done by Anna. If you want a fully tailored consultancy it is generally because you have set an ambitious and important goal, so you will need no less than five meetings to reach it.

You can also pay in five instalments of 700 euros each + VAT (if applicable). 
Sessions can be held outside usual office hours (including on Saturdays) at no extra cost. We need to end our session at the latest at 9 PM Berlin time (including weekdays).


To recap, what happens if you choose this journey is:

  • We will get back to you within a few days with a questionnaire where you tells us about your dreams, goals and needs.
  • If we need more information we will get back to you immediately; otherwise, Anna will contact you within two weeks with the perfect offer, the content and tools that will be part of the journey and the number of sessions that can help you reach your goals.
  • You will confirm the journey as it is or request modifications to the content and to agree on the terms of payment until we find the proposal that fits you like a glove.


  • You want to develop resilience and smart energy management for life.
  • You want to discover all the energies you have and want to reconnect to your body-mind.
  • You are interested in circular design for health and creativity and want to put it into practice.
  • You want to build a soulful business.
  • You are concerned about the environment and want to develop ecological intelligence.
  • You need to overcome a stressful period of your life.
  • You are going through change and want to dance the ups and downs of life.
  • You want grounded spirituality and personal growth tools and visions.
  • You want to rediscover ancient wisdom and smart science to dispel toxic myths.


  • You do not want to get your hands “dirty”.
  • If you have an extremely hectic schedule and are always on the go, unless you are ready to accept to slow down by the time we start working together. It is not possible to ground and connect to your body-mind if we rush from one thing to another.
  • You like to start new things but lose interest mid-way. We are ready to commit and we expect our partner in crime (you) to be too.

Still unsure what is right for you?
Book an hour of consulting online.

The hour costs 90€ + VAT and is useful to answer burning questions and learn things. It does not include any tailored research or supporting material. Topics may include fertility, unexplained infertility, menstrual apps, birth control, menstrual products, energy management, menstrual health, sleep health, stress management, nutrition.

This type of consultation is available online or via phone 9AM-5PM Monday to Friday.

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