Help me restore my well-being

Menstrual pain is not normal,
never was, never will be.

The menstrual cycle is a revealing force, a vital sign*, which means that any negative symptoms we may experience, including its absence or severe irregularities, are messengers of a pre-existing conditions, or the result of poorly informed life-style choices. As such, the cycle is our friend and ally.
* American College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists recommends to use the menstrual cycle as a vital sign, especially in girls and adolescents.

If you choose this path, Anna becomes your skilled investigator, and she will translate complex evidence into tailored and actionable advice, and provide you with the tools and supporting material you need to make this journey sustainable, flexible and effective.

Chronic symptoms?
Period problems?

and discover more about your hormonal stress!


  • We will review and analyze your lifestyle and make insightful connections between the behavior and periodicity of the symptoms and your lifestyle.
  • We will analyze your laboratory tests and menstrual charts, if available.
  • We will redesign together a routine that makes you healthier, empowered, wiser and informed.
  • We will work on preventing future problems.



  • Tailored research.
  • Clear and empowering explanations on the root causes of menstrual problems.
  • Rich and actionable advice of how to prevent and address hormonal distress.
  • Thorough instructions and support on how to chart estrogen and progesterone, and spot their unbalances, including hypothyroidism.
  • Smart knowledge about nutrition and bio-individuality.
  • A sound understanding of the impact of life-style choices, of other cycles and ancestral history on your wellbeing.
  • To learn how to assess and reduce your exposure to endocrine disruptors of chemical or electromagnetic origin.
  • The optimal range of hormonal levels compared to normal range in laboratory tests (sometimes they can explain why you feel unwell despite your lab results are “normal”).
  • Simple and effective regenerative practices for your daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly routine.



“Learning to transform the signals, the symptoms that recur during the cycle into prevention and care is an endless source of wealth. Learning not to succumb to what Anna calls dis-ease, but to use the knowledge of the different phases to consciously reorganise and plan time and space is an invaluable tool.
Anna is enthusiastic and knows how to make complex topics practical thanks to her comprehensive clarity… Anna knows how to explain, offering concrete images that make it easy to understand even complex concepts. In addition, her colourful, effervescent, engaging manner captures the attention and stimulates the curiosity to learn more!
The working materials provided are well structured and the contents are clearly addressed. The tables for monitoring the cycle in all its aspects were enlightening and are now part of my daily routine. Thank you Anna, thank you for spreading your knowledge and for never stop asking questions!”

– Enrica –

“Anna was a great revelation for me! I had long suffered from pre-menopausal disorders when I came across Medulla. Anna was able in a short time to get a clear picture of my problems, with an estimable professional approach. She identified a potential problem, and hit the nail on the head, which no doctor had been able to do in two years. For three weeks now, my life has improved more than significantly. Quick, efficient, prepared, professional and compassionate.”

– Barbara B. (Italy) –


You will meet Anna online three times, a total of 3,5 hours, and receive multiple written resources.

If you have laboratory test results or any other data that you have been collecting in the past 6-12 months, you can send it before the first session so Anna can analyze them beforehand (please send them at least two working days before the first session, or one week earlier if you are sending more than 10 pages).  


  • Tailored journey based on your objectives and circumstances.
  • One initial questionnaire to be filled in and returned before the first session.
  • Background analysis of your questionnaire, and, if available, your lab test results and menstrual charts (up to one hour).
  • 3,5 hours of coaching 1:1 over approximately three months divided in:
    • One initial session of two hours.
    • Two follow-ups of 45 minutes each.
  • Personalized research tailored to your specific situation that emerges from the initial questionnaire, the background analysis, and the sessions (up to one hour).
  • Natural supporting strategies in writing.
  • E-guides on menstrual and body-mind education and what can interfere with their health (approx. 50-150 pages, depending on your needs).

    This package costs 450 + VAT (if applicable) in one solution, or three payments of 180 + VAT (if applicable) each. Once you purchase the course, all installments are due. 

    You can check the technical equipment you need and how to change the date of appointments in our Q&A page.

    Please note that it may be possible to hold sessions outside Berlin office hours (9am-5pm), or at weekends, at extra charge. Every session held outside office hours will have an extra cost of 1 per minute + VAT (e.g. a two-hour session will have an extra cost of 120 + VAT).

    Additional follow-up sessions (60 minutes) cost 80 + VAT without analysis of charts or new laboratory tests or €120 + VAT if you have new charts or lab test results (please send them in advance via email, we need at least two working days). These extra sessions do not include subsequent research or emails with written resources. If needed, we will provide a separate quotation.


    • You suffer from menstrual pain, disorders, irregularities or no periods, and want to go to the root of the problem.
    • You were told that menstrual pain is normal (it never was, never will be).
    • You are working with trusted specialists but also need empowering knowledge and understanding to prevent future problems.
    • You cannot get pregnant or have frequent miscarriages.
    • You have had your hormones tested, were told that everything was “normal” and yet you feel something is wrong.
    • You want a holistic approach that can be integrated in your life for transformative change.


    • You do not want to get your hands “dirty” and take responsibility for your own wellbeing.
    • If you have an extremely hectic schedule and are always on the go, unless you are ready to slow down by the time we start working together.
    • You suspect you have an illness, but you do not want to see a specialist. We cannot substitute specialist advice.
    • You want to fix problems quickly or by popping supplements without critically looking at your lifestyle, and your inner and outer world.

    Still unsure what is right for you?
    Book an hour of consulting online.

    The hour costs 90€ + VAT and is useful to answer burning questions and learn things. It does not include any tailored research or supporting material. Topics may include fertility, unexplained infertility, menstrual apps, birth control, menstrual products, energy management, menstrual health, sleep health, stress management, nutrition.

    This type of consultation is available online or via phone 9AM-5PM Monday to Friday.

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