I want empowering (birth) control

Take charge of your fertility
and be proactive with your health.

Women are fertile at the most six days per month, and ovulation is a source of mental and physical health. However, hormonal contraception is designed to suppress ovulation, and releases drugs into your blood stream every single day.

We can teach you one of the most reliable forms of birth control available today, one without any harmful side effects but rich in empowering side effects: Sensiplan®.

In fact, Sensiplan® can be used to monitor your hormonal health in a scientific way, from home, without polluting or expensive technology.

Sensiplan® teaches women how to monitor two body signals in double-check (also called biomarkers):

  1. body temperature
  2. cervical mucus (or cervix, as an alternative)


The training is divided into 4 sessions over 3 months. Every session will be a mix of theory, exercises, and analysis of your data.

Session 1 (this can be anytime):

  • Biological background of fertility
  • Self-observation of cervical mucus
  • Taking the temperature
  • How to fill in the cycle sheet
Session 3 (after four more weeks):

  • Disturbances of the temperature
  • Determining infertile time before ovulation
  • Safety and efficacy
  • The self-observation of the cervix
Session 2 (after two weeks):

  • The evaluation of the mucus
  • The evaluation of the temperature
  • The double-check determining infertile time after ovulation
  • Exceptions to the rule
Session 4 (after four more weeks):

  • Different types of cycles
  • Detecting pregnancy
  • Sensiplan® and desire for children
  • Sensiplan® and partnership


“Participating in Sensiplan’s course was an incredible gift, for me as a woman and for us as a couple. Being able to enjoy total freedom in sexual intercourse during infertile periods was the most surprising discovery and made me think: I wish I had known this before!”

– Silvia B. (Germany) –


“Sensiplan® training lasts three months and includes four sessions of 2,5 hours each (total 10 hours). Your partner is very welcome to join for free. No prior knowledge is required to take this training. The only pre-requisite is to be in your fertile years and to suspend any hormonal contraception at least one month before the start of the training.

The cost does not include the books and the thermometer. You need to buy the books before the start of the training, while the thermometer should be bought immediately after the first session, in the pharmacy. Do not buy the thermometer in advance. If you already have a thermometer, bring it to the first session so we can double-check if it is suitable, but do not worry, even if you need to buy a new one, the cost is approximately €15 euros.

Here you can purchase the Handbook and Workbook books in English. Only the workbook is mandatory, and it contains all the necessary rules summarized. The Handbook is not mandatory, but it gives useful extended explanations and it capitalizes on the rules.

They are also available in German (Handbook and Workbook can be found on Amazon but we encourage you to order them at your local bookstore if possible).

Charts can be downloaded here. You should download and print out one chart at least by the start of the training.



Group trainings are generally organised only in Berlin and only in person. The maximum number of participants is four (not including the partners).

If you and your friends are interested in taking the course as a pre-formed group, wonderful! Send us an email and let us know the number of participants, your preferred time and location and we will prepare a special quotation for you!

We occasionally organize Sensiplan® trainings open to all – in this case we publish the announcement in the Event section of our Home page.



The training can also be 1:1 or online for maximum flexibility.

Online training can only be 1:1 to ensure maximum quality and attention. You will need to send us your charts via email in advance, so we can print and analyze them in advance. You will also be required to prepare some props, and you will receive detailed and simple instructions in advance. Disclaimer: online training has not been clinically tested by Sensiplan® for efficacy.

The individual training costs €770 + VAT in one solution, or ten monthly installments of €90 + VAT. Please note that it may be possible to hold sessions outside office hours (Monday-Friday 9AM-5PM), but extra charges will apply. Every session held outside office hours will cost extra €100 + VAT (for 2,5 hours).”


  • You want one of the most reliable form of birth control, which is also natural, free from harmful side-effects and empowering.
  • If you have irregular cycles, are in peri-menopause, breastfeeding or employed in shift work.
  • You want to learn how to detect hormonal unbalance early on.
  • You do not want or cannot take synthetic hormones.
  • You work in women’s health and want to learn how to help them decode their body literacy (note: this is not a course to become certified instructors but you need to take this course before you train to become a certified teacher – if you want to become a Sensiplan® teacher, you should contact the Sensiplan® Working Group).
  • You may want a child in the future, but not right now, and you want to preserve your fertility or the powerful protective effect of ovulation on your health.


  • You do not want to study for three months approx. two hours per week, plus the 1:1 sessions.
  • You do not have 10 minutes every day to apply the method.
  • You need protection against sexually transmitted diseases – in this case we recommend you use condoms. However, you can still use Sensiplan® for your own awareness and empowerment and combine it with condoms.

Still unsure what is right for you?
Book an hour of consulting online.

The hour costs 90€ + VAT and is useful to answer burning questions and learn things. It does not include any tailored research or supporting material. Topics may include fertility, unexplained infertility, menstrual apps, birth control, menstrual products, energy management, menstrual health, sleep health, stress management, nutrition.

This type of consultation is available online or via phone 9AM-5PM Monday to Friday.

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