“The collaboration between ArchLiving and Medulla was very much desired, and we had very high expectations. We needed unconventional training, because to work well we foster stimulating environments that keep alive creativity, curiosity, teamwork, synergies, and wellbeing. Anna was able to win over even the most skeptical of engineers!”

– Dr. Archt. Clara Cucco, Head of Business, ArchLiving

We offer solutions for business, organizations and schools that are relevant, innovative, regenerative and thriving by design.

Our focus is on circular design to rethink innovation, growth, and purpose, with an emphasis on relationships, products and processes that are more accountable, inclusive, diverse, and ecological.

Concrete results

  • You activate strategic skills

    The birthplace of our ingenuity, health, strength, and vision are natural cycles. You can optimize energies, skills, and strengthen clarity and vision.

  • You attract and retain talent

    Societal impact, stimulating environments, diversity, good work/life balance and virtuous practices are priorities among new generations (Edelman Trust Barometer 2019).

  • You lower your environmental footprint

    Earth and nature thrive on cycles. Humans and human organizations are made of cycles. When we align to these forces, our environmental impact becomes less polluting and more conducive to ecological behavior and intelligence.

  • You cut health costs

    Cycles protect and regenerate health across gender, sex and age. Did you know? Globally, almost three-quarters of women reported having regular period pain. This translates in poor living conditions, loss of productivity and absenteeism. However, period pain is never normal, but the result of poorly informed choices.


We offer tailored research and consulting to start-ups, SME’s and corporations that want to create value, foster culture, and outgrow old models of making a profit regardless of the impact this may have on themselves, their collaborators, stakeholders and the environment.

Our founder Anna has more than 15 years’ experience in our focus areas, and our network of collaborators ensures that you have the skills you need to reach your objectives.

Focus areas:

  • Redesign time and space to foster health and creative thinking
  • Circular economy
  • Social and ecological footprint of supply chains, processes, and products
  • Accountability, integrity and corporate social responsibility
  • Diversity and gender equality
“Anna’s contribution was crucial to design and finalize a policy proposal for an EU Directive on Whistleblowing (…) she proved to be an extremely competent, knowledgeable and reliable professional and activist (with) remarkable analytical, organizational and communication skills (…) A generous, reliable and strategic consultant whose help was pivotal in ensuring profitable long-term collaborations with key experts and organizations.”

– Dr. Federico Anghelé, Director, The Good Lobby

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Training can be online and offline. Our workshops mix science and humanities and have immediate applications in your professional life.

Trainings can be declined in:

  • 1:1 FOR EXECUTIVES – for authentic leaders who lead by example
  • EMPLOYEES and TEAMS – to retain talent, hone skills and collaboration
  • STAKEHOLDERS and CLIENTS – for added value and a reputation of excellence

Focus areas:

  • Time, space and energy management
  • How to strengthen creative thinking
  • Menstrual health
  • How to use cycles to improve teamwork and soft skills
studio medulla training
“Medulla taught me how to recognize my cycles and rhythms and to use them in my everyday life. As an entrepreneur, I found extremely useful to recognize the cyclicity of skills, behaviors, and emotions, and now I can plan accordingly my activities. I wholeheartedly recommend it!”

– Barbara Cilliers, photographer and founder of Soonafternoon

“Thank you so much for organizing one week ago the webinar with Anna! I extremely enjoyed it and it made me thirsty of more knowledge about the topic. It is so relevant to offer these kinds of safe spaces for women to speak about issues that are otherwise considered irrelevant for society. And Anna was really great at answering all our questions”

– A. M. a client of our client Trixiewiz e.V.

“I was blown away at the ways in which Anna was able to shed new light and knowledge on my understanding of the menstrual cycle. Anna’s workshop was not only informative but was delivered with a clear passion and respect for the topic, anchored in research and intensive study. (I) feel more empowered and educated about my body and the world around me THAN EVER!”

– Danielle Keiser, CEO&Founder, Menstrual Health Hub

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Public Speaking

Our founder Anna is known in Berlin and internationally as a generous, fun, energic and competent speaker with mind-blowing insights. In the past 10 years she has addressed community and world leaders, entrepreneurs and conscious festival goers around the globe.

She is frequently invited to give keynote and public speeches at events dedicated to entrepreneurs and activists.

The topics she engages with are:

  • Cycles in natural sciences and humanities
  • Accountability, integrity, whistle-blowing, and green washing
  • Female health and menstrual taboo
  • Circular economy and capitalism
  • Soulful business
“We met at the lecture you recently gave at Einhorn and I was completely – still am – blown away by the work you do. I want to thank you again for taking on the responsibility to research female – and nature’s – cycles and bringing some much-needed knowledge into this world.”

– T.O. a client of our client Einhorn

Note: If you are interested in having her at your event, get in touch: tell us about your conference, specify the period and give us an idea of the budget. Please note that if the event is not in Berlin, travel expenses will apply.

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We work with parents, teachers and students (12+ years) to give them tools and perspectives that respond to their needs, develop life-long self-care practices, ecological intelligence and sound literacy of their body and mind. This ensures that young people can develop critical thinking and make their own informed choices.

Focus areas:

  • Sleep – the most important skill for wellbeing, success and balance
  • Mindfulness – simple tools and exercises to explore breathing and emotions for personal blooming and grounding, and for pain relief
  • How food and technology can help us thrive – or feel miserable
  • Concentration – how to manage time and energies to optimize studying and sports
  • Self-care – life-long practices for regeneration, no matter the challenge
  • Menstrual education for all – now it is time to know more in order to fear less (Marie Curie)
“Anna collaborated for a month on my digital personal growth platform Happy Daily Home, as the teacher, bringing her research on cyclicality to my clients, who were blown away by it.
Anna is a well-prepared professional, always up-to-date and very reliable. She can make complex and thorny content easy to digest for any kind of audience and to captivate through her choice of language and metaphors. Her passion is evident, as is her scientific background. Working with Anna was very easy from an organisational point of view because she is able to work in total autonomy and make suggestions for improvement. She is attentive to the feedback from the audience, reacting quickly and proposing solutions and answers that are always professional and profound. I recommend working with Anna without any doubts or reservations.”

– Giusi Valentini, coach, yoga teacher and founder of Happy Daily Home –

“Anna is great and her work is really professional and thorough, highly recommended!”

– Elisabetta Bagnato, founder of Yoga ‘n’ Roll and Turban School –

“I had very low expectations because of the topic, but you (Anna) were awesome!”; “I had very high expectations because my mom loves you, but you managed to exceed them! Brilliant!”

– a conversation between two 12-year old girls in Venice. –

Note: Our special fee for schools and parents’ associations is €70/hour + VAT, plus expenses. Travel expenses include transport, meals and hotel, when applicable, and travel time will be calculated at 50% (for example, if we need two hours to reach your school and two hours to travel back, we will count two hours). Our starting point is Berlin. We encourage schools outside Berlin to create networks to share travel expenses. If you would like to organize an event, get in touch, and let us know about the target group, your budget and location.

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