E-Book: Six reasons why I can’t get pregnant

The 6 most common reasons that all couples should know before looking for a pregnancy


You are thinking about pregnancy or you have tried for a while without results, and you feel there might be something to consider which your doctor is overlooking. Before resorting to medical procedures, you want to make sure all avenues have been covered. This short e-book will introduce you and your partner to six little-known facts that can greatly affect your fertility chances. Where appropriate, it will also suggest and point you to additional resources that can help.


This e-book has 10 pages and offers useful insights into six reasons which, on the one hand can greatly affect fertility, and on the other hand have not reached the public.

Research indicates that the minority of couples and doctors know how to recognize the fertility window, and the marketing associated to hormonal contraceptives seeped in the idea that women are fertile every day of the cycle. Timing is instead of the essence, but doctors are not taught about it. Other indicators can be used to determine if the problem lies with sperm or ovulation, or again, nesting. Lifestyle and modern life can also hinder the process, but to address this cause to the roots, you will usually not need artificial fertilization or drugs.

The six reasons we address are:

  1. Timing
  2. Cervical mucus
  3. Progesterone deficiency
  4. Hormonal contraceptives
  5. Sperm quality
  6. Stress and cortisol


* The content of this e-book is strictly educational. It does not constitute or substitute professional diagnosis and treatment.


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