moon calendar december 2020


The new moon (or total solar eclipse) occurs in Sagittarius on 14.12, indicating that this is the annual season for retreat, in physical, spiritual and intellectual terms. This is the time to make room for the hearth, to find and center the habits, values, dreams and intentions that we want to take with us in the new year.

This winter is one of the eighty (give or take) deepest and most vital events of our existence, because it guarantees an annual reserve of sleep and rest. Or rather, it would guarantee. Sagittarius reminds us that the light that must accompany us now is the inner light, not artificial light, because it is in the dark and nowhere else that this process takes place. The pollution from artificial light is underestimated in general, but it would be advisable to take it into consideration together with its environmental impact.

In the year of Covid, these months are even more important, protect your hours of darkness and sleep, or you will not recover all the strength and energy spent in the last 12 months.

Winter is a “place of three months”, where we can cultivate the embers of body and soul, the core of our vital energy.

Covid and lockdown teach us how important it is to have a rich inner life and to know where our life energy resides, to cultivate it and emerge wiser from times of crisis.

For those looking for anti-crisis recipes, the work starts from here. Coming home.

On December 21, the moon grows in Aries while the great conjunction (once every three centuries) of Saturn and Jupiter takes place. December 21 is the winter solstice, the day when the sun is at its lowest. The full moon on December 30 is the splendid sovereign of the longest full moon night of the year. The great lady will be in Cancer, and it is no coincidence, because the moon reminds us, in its “small” cycle of 29.5 days, the same infallible recipe that tell us the seasons in their “big” cycle of 12 months, which is the same told by astrology:

Once you have grounded in your sacred fire, once you have made “darkness and silence” around you (new moon in Sagittarius) let yourself be overcome by enthusiasm and do not be afraid to make mistakes (ram crescent moon). Then let everyone enjoy your harvest, because everything is part of you and you are dissolved in the whole (full moon in Cancer). The message of the full moon is: we are all creatures who create, and we live in turn in the womb of a pregnant creature – everything is interconnected, it is the principle of non-separation, as the mother and the fetus are one and also two. For more details see Laura Ghianda, Luciana Percovich, Max Dashu.