We have the cycle every day (and menstruation is only the first of four phases) and it deeply influences body, mind and energy. In this first video we take a peek at what happens at menstruation.

We often hear that women are “cyclical” – I don’t know about you, but when I heard it, it was always thrown there, not even as a bait, more ambiguous, yet as sure as blood, yet indefinite, blurred. Except the other half of the time when it was synonymous with a pain in the ass. Cut the crap! It’s time to get it right.

Understanding and cooperating with our body (body literacy) makes us freer, stronger, more aware. The menstrual cycle in good health brings to light our creatures – ideas, projects, feelings, values – even other human beings.

It does not only apply to women. The menstrual cycle is just one of many manifestations of a single “original” cycle, a blueprint, which manifests itself in seasons, breathing, heartbeat, sleep, tides and body fluids, fertility, plants – in a symphony of cycles that beat the same four times.

Enjoy it, I hope you like it (the video is in Italian but you can activate English subtitles by clicking on the YouTube icon for Settings).


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