1) To thrive, one shall regularly select carefully and weed out.

2) As above, so below. The same thing can be both: a mortal threat in one place, and somewhere else be an abundant source of beauty, joy and utility.

3) Sometimes one may think that the problem is “this” because it is manifested “here” in this “shape” (eg. a lone and thin blade of grass on the far edge of your onion bed), but then, if one digs deeper, without rushing, without ripping away thinking ” oh I get it, it’s just a little blade of grass”, but rather listening in silence to the very same signals weed is giving you, you may find out that its roots were coming from very far away. They were already smothering the onion next to them , but you could not see them, because underground, in darkness. Sometimes truth cannot be seen, but only felt.

jason-long-718-unsplash free grass skye

Photos: Jason Long on Unsplash & #Medulla at bauerngarten #Berlin